Hospitality Thank You

Lindsey Lee, Membership VP, 586-202-5000

Julia Webber, thank you for tantalizing our taste buds and enlightening us about May being National Asian Pacific American Heritage month at the membership meeting. It was a privilege and pleasure to honor your heritage with your Thai Cuisine.

In June, we are looking forward to the mouthwatering delectable delights of Ms. Krista Tocco. Hospitality for July is open.

Hospitality is the meal, snacks, and drinks at our membership meetings. It is because our members volunteer to bring such tasty bites that allow us provided such amenities while we discuss the happenings of the Jaycees. The chapter will reimburse the member for the purchase of ingredients, snacks, and beverages up to $25 per a meeting. If you would like to provide hospitality to your fellow Jaycees please contact Lindsey Lee at 586- 202-5000 or email:

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