Charter President

Forest B. Wiley  JCI#39940 1958

Highlights: We sold ads to finance the cost of printing the charter night program. A profit was made and gave us a beginning treasury. We also sold flags to raise funds. I believe we also sold cider in the fall of 1959 to raise additional funds.

Awards and Recognition: Our charter year was concentrated with the organization and gaining of new members for our group

Don Hayes 1958-1959

Board of Directors: Ray Danielson, Internal Vice President; Don Rigdon, External Vice President; Harold Welch, Secretary; Mervin Mack, Treasurer.

Highlights: Sponsored a forum on Rochester City vs. Village, 400 people attended. Bike Safety, Rodeo for Driving Skills, Easter Egg Hunt, Pumpkin and Cider Sale.

Awards and Recognition: Milestone Award for best First year Chapter in the Michigan Jaycees. State award for “Youth WeYare” project.

Don Rigdon 1959-1960

Phil Avery 1960-1961

Highlights: Worked on building up treasury.

Dick Arnold 1961-1962

Board of Directors: Kurt Richter, External Vice President; Dick Borchert, Internal Vice President; Don Beattie, Secretary; Jim Tomezak, Treasurer; Dick Rose, Director.

Kurt Richter 1962-1963

Board of Directors: Al Formicola, Internal vice President; Russ Bennet, External Vice President; Jim Tomazak, Secretary; Don Beattie, Treasurer; Pete Vernia, Membership Chairman; Roger Wall, Director; R.W. Arnold, Past President.

Highlights: We were down to 10-15 active members and paid the state for 25 to maintain our charter. All out membership drive by Russ and Pete brought membership to approximately 50. Prize winning Christmas Parade Float – Noah’s Ark. We picked, processed, packaged and sold Apple Cider door to door. Safety-Lite, a bicycle safety program.

Awards and Recognition: Russ Bennet and Pete Vernia for re-building membership; Al Formicola, Spark Plug Award; District Softball Champs.

Comments: Instant friendships, leadership opportunities and community involvement. Finally, earned the cherished Exhausted Rooster award. It is nice to know the Jaycees are alive and well.

Russ Bennett 1963-1964

Pete Vernia 1964-1965

Board of Directors: Paul Schuiteman, Internal Vice President; Al Formicola, External vice President; Chuck Souders, Secretary; Lee Nellis, Treasurer; Russ Bennette, Jerry Carr, Directors

Highlights: Built an ice hocky rink on Halbach field; built a bridge in the city park in conjunction with Arts n Apples.

Ron Trafton 1965-1966

Al Formicola 1966-1967

Board of Directors: Jerry Cannon, Internal Vice President; Bob Jasinski, External Vice President, Bill Watson, Secretary; Dave Ohman, Treasurer; Roger Wall, Director; Ron Trafton, Past President.

Highlights: State Bowling Tournament in which 1,000 Jaycees participated; a year long effort with 100% participation from the Jaycees and Auxiliary. Punt, Pass and Kick, Junior Tennis Tournament, Easter Egg Hunt, Cider & Pumpkin sales, Christmas Parade float, Christmas Shopping Tour for underprivileged kids, Bosses Night, M-Nights. A full and busy year.

Comments: These were great times and the memories are numerous, but above all it’s the friends, special people that years later are still in our lives.

Robert Jasinski JCI#16590 1967-1968

Board of Directors : Dave Ohman, Internal Vice President; Al Larson, External Vice President; Roger Wall, Treasurer; Gery Carver, Secretary; Frank Sellgren, Ways and Means; Al Formicola, Past President.

Highlights: Extension of the Romeo Jaycees; Blue Chip, first toward Gold Chip. Governmental Seminar, purchased a 27 foot concession trailer. First summer party, a clam bake. Arts n Apples, circus, cider sale, apple picking. Raised $800 with circus, $1200 with Arts n Apples and $600 with Cider Sale.

Awards and recognition: Blue Chip, awarded membership in Jaycee “E” club for the extension of Romeo. Six Spokes and 13 Spark Plugs. A third place in regional Speak Up.

Comments; The best 10 years of our lives. We didn’t change the world but we learned a lot and had a lot of fun, not to mention the many lasting friendships. Received JCI Senatorship on May 16, 1973.

David W. Ohman 1968-1969

Board of Directors: Al Larson, Internal Vice President; Bill Edwards, External Vice President; Bill Potere Jr., Secretary; Frank Selgren, Treasurer; George Moran, Ron Todd, Bill Firment, John Ohlsson, Directors; Bob Jasinski, Past President.

Highlights: The Jaycees and Manpower Development program, “Shoplifting is a Crime” program, Shooters Education, helped needy family and roofed a house.

Comments: The Rochester Jaycees developed the leadership abilities in me which are still working for me today. I owe an awful lot to you, my contemporaries and the Jaycee organization.

William (Bill) G. Edwards 1969-1970

Board of Directors: Bill Potere Jr., Internal Vice President; Dr. John Ohlsson, External Vice President; Jim Giradot, Secretary; Ron Reid, Treasurer; Roger Wall, Rod Herrick, Dick McGee, Ken Mather, Directors.

Highlights: Cintizens Survey & consolidation effort, school millage support, volunteer Probation Officers, Christmas Parade, Christmas Shopping Tour, Easter Egg Hunt, Smoking Withdrawal Clinic, Community Clean up, bosses Night, Walk for Mankind. Ways and means – Concession wagon, travelog series, circus. Sports – Jr. Golf, Punt Pass & Kick, Soap Box Derby, Shooters Education

Awards and Recognition: Blue Chip Award

Comments: I believe I was the First Rochester Jaycee to be involved in National Jaycee Convention and State Projects; I attended a total of 5 National Conventions in Detroit, Phoenix, Louisville, St. Louis and Portland and was Michigan Chairman for Portland State Party Four couples attended St. Louis – Edwards, Ohlsson, Herrick and McGee. Was State Chairman for “What America Means to Me”. The leadership skills learned in Jaycees has helped me all through my career. I have remained active in community activities since becoming an Exhausted Rooster – Boy Scouts, United Way, Kiwanis, and various church leadership roles. Since moving from Rochester, we have lived in Bay City, Lansing (Dimondale) and Fenton.

Frank Sellgren 1970-1971

Board of Directors: John Ohlsson, Internal Vice President; Rod Herrick/Dick McGee, External Vice President; Bill Hahnke/Barry Brown, Secretary; Doug Woodard, Treasurer; Tom Neighbors, Bob McCloskey, Leon Sipes/Rod Wilson, Hal Long/Joe Katzbek, Bob Richmond/Ken Sundquist, Directors.

Highlights: First Walk for Mankind, net $10,000. Ran “Do Something” soliciting volunteer help for civic organizations; sponsored the Walter P. Reuther Environmental Action Award for the Michigan Jaycees, held District softball tourney. Beginning of glass recycling; held a clean-up of roadsides in Avon Township.

Awards and Recognition: Frank Sellgren was one of the 5 Outstanding Local Presidents of Michigan; Dick Robinson, Speak-up Winner for Michigan and U.S. Jaycees; Blue Chip; Rod Wilson, one of the 10 outstanding SPOKES of Michigan.

Dick McGee 1971-1972

Board of Directors: George Moran, Internal Vice President; Rod Wilson, External Vice President; Tom Mansfield, Ways & Means Vice President; Steve Graham, Secretary; Kent Rubley, Treasurer; Al Mann, Tom Petz, Ken Sundquist, Jim Wiley, Joe Katzbec, Directors.

Highlights: Governors Cup for Outstanding Governmental Involvement (for consolidation and school millage issues); provided lunch for all participants in Michigan Special Olympics.

Awards and Recognition: SPOKE – Al Mann; Dick Robinson, Sparkplug; Al Man, Key Man; Project of the Year – Bottles for Building; Chairman of the Year, Fritz Beiermeister; Committee of the Year – MIA Metro bid; Gold Chip.

Rod Wilson JCI#19066 1972-1973

Board of Directors: Al Mann, Internal Vice President; Gary Fuelling, External Vice President; Don Shafer (Jn/Nov), Chuck Gifford (Dec/May), Ways and Means vice President; Dennis Van Wormer, Secretary; Kent Rubley (Jn/Dec), Larry Stefaniah (Jan/May), Treasurer; Jeff Burdick, Fritz Beiermeister, Bill Doolittle, John Edwards, Rick Platt, Dick Johnson, Ken Sundquist, Kent Westerbeck, Chuck Gifford, John Cadieux, Directors (many changes in these positions). Dick McGee, Chairman of the Board.

Michigan Jaycee Officers from Rochester: Dick Robinson, Executive External Vice President; Dick McGee, Community Program Manager of “Get V.D.”; past Rochester member Rod Herrick (moved to Port Huron), State Chairman of Environment.

Highlights: Ran the first haunted House, had 5,200 people visit, charged $.25 each, earned $1057 profit. Held the last circus, net profit – $12. Purchased a nametag machine, changed elections from May to April. Constitution and by-laws rewritten to allow for new organizational structure. National Convention in Atlanta attended by Rod Wilson, Don Shafer, Gary Fuelling, Al Mann, and Dick Robinson. Hosted Jaycees from 13 states at the Mid-America Metro Conference at Oakland University. Little League Ballpark on Woodward designated as Jaycee and signs donated by the auxiliary. Member dues changed to anniversary of joining instead of once a year prorated. Changed project report from R&R (Records and Recognition) to ROC (Relevant Organizational Concept). Jaycee age lowered to 18.

Awards and Recognition: Rod Wilson, top Ten Outstanding Local presidents of Michigan (over 300 chapters at this time); Gary Fuelling, Outstanding SPOKE of Michigan Jaycees and Top Ten SPOKE of US Jaycees. Awarded bid for State Junior Tennis Tournament; Charlie Sanders, guest speaker for Community Awards banquet; hosted district Bowling Tournament on March 17 with 18” of snowfall. Ran over 40 community projects.

Comments: I can never repay the Jaycees for the help they have had in my individual development. The friends made over the years will last forever.

Al Mann 1973-1974

Michigan Jaycee Officers from Rochester: Dick Robinson, President

Highlights: First “Ciderfest”, Haunted House and Ciderfest Roasted Chicken – each at that point in time were the largest fundraisers in chapter history. Upgraded Chamber/Jaycees Christmas Parade. My election on one ballot lasted 5 ½ Hours – very controversial.

Comments: there isn’t a day that goes by without me drawing on some Jaycee experience.

Mike Robinson 1974

Board of Directors: Niel Lehto, Administrative Vice President; Jeff Burdick, Financial Vice President; John Cadieux, Internal Vice President; Dick Newton, External Vice President; Bob Justin, John Swatosh, Fritz Beiermeister, Bill Overdurff, Doug Selke, Jim Rose, Ray Swartzendruber, Directors; Rod Wilson, Chairman of the Board.

Michigan Jaycee Officers from Rochester: Dick Robinson, President; Rod Wilson, District Director.

Highlights: Finished 72-73 very strong as a chapter; Dick Robinson was elected State president and this gave the chapter a strong beginning for 73-74. The chapter not only ran our traditional projects – Haunted House, Christmas Parade, Jr. Golf, Jr. Tennis, but we became involved in critical issues within the community – school millage, library millage, Rochester-Avon consolidation, Rochester Community House.

Awards and Recognition: 8th consecutive Blue Chip, 3rd Gold Chip; Dick Robinson, Outstanding State president, US Jaycees Frost Award.

Comments: Obviously, Jaycees had a tremendous influence on my life, especially the Rochester Jaycees. Two events that I remember from this particular year: a note from a retired couple who contributed to our Walk for mankind project. “Enclosed is $1. Sorry I couldn’t send more but we are retired so we don’t have too much.” The other event was the blood drive at the January meeting for Paul Flavin, a Troy Jaycee who died.

Fritz Beiremeister 1974

Michigan Jaycee Officers from Rochester: Rod Wilson, Regional Director; Dick Robinson, U.S. Jaycee Vice President.

Highlights: Haunted House and Arts n Apples Festival

Comments: Formed life long family friendships. Positively experienced the concept of personal development through community involvement. Jaycees was an excellent experience for me.

Dick Newton 1974-1975

Board of Directors; Tom Gale, Administrative Vice President; Ken Hulit, External Vice President; Rick Platt, Internal vice President; Bob Justin, Financial Vice President; Neville Grow, Dick Mellinger, Joe Plasecki, Chris Carson, Jeff Gerwitz, Don Lund, Chick McCarron, Al Meitzner, Dick Forcheimer, Tim Schad, Directors; Mike Robinson, Chairman of the Board.

U.S. Jaycee Officers from Rochester: Dick Robinson, Vice President.

Tom Mansfield 1975-1976

Board of Directors: Bill Guillou, Administrative vice President; Jeff Gerwitz, External vice president; Charlie McCarron, Internal Vice President; Dick Rayborn, Secretary; Neville Grow, Treasurer; Duane Shaw, Bob Fairbanks, Stan Tornga, Al Wright, Keith Lothery, Tom Hoare, Directors; Dick Newton, Chairman of the Board.

US and Michigan jaycee Officers from Rochester: Mike Robinson, Michigan Jaycee Chairman for N.I.B.M.; Dick Robinson, President of the US Jaycees.

Stan Tornga 1976-1977

Board of Directors: Bob Braglia, External Vice President; Bob Fairbanks/Phil Schurrer, Internal Vice President; Christy Stevens/Larry Spencer, Administrative Vice President; Ralph Nelson, Treasurer; Randy Dayne, Mark Rocawich, Duane Shaw, Jim Spencer, Directors; Tom Mansfiled, Chairman of the Board.

US and Michigan Jaycee Officers from Rochester: Mike Robinson, Community Development Vice President of the Michigan Jaycees; Dick Robinson, Chairman of the Board of the US Jaycees.

Highlights: First Haunted House at the castle, raised $9,000; bottle re-cycling returned to profit status, gross $4,000. Ride for Rochester raised $3,500.

Awards and Recognition: Blue Chip; Jim Wern, Key Man.

Comments: Acquired skills in presentation and management, which has been important in property management and involvement with church board.

Ralph Nelson 1977-1978

Board of Directors: Jim Wren, Administrative Vice President; Marshall Giant, External Vice President; Mark Rocawich, Internal Vice President; John Davis, Secretary; Phil Schurrer, Treasurer; Jim Giradot, Dick Newton, John Copa, Mark Peterson, Sid Gramlich, Christy Stevens, Directors; Stan Tornga, Chairman of the Board.

Michigan Jaycee Officers from Rochester: Mike Robinson, President

Highlights: Major M-Night with Mike Robinson, signed 25 new members; Haunted House, Jim Wern & Mark Rocawich; Christmas Parade, Bob Braglia; Ride fro Rochester, Bill Molloy and Craig Passon; chapter grew from 69 to 81

Awards and Recognition: Jim Wern, Key Man.

Bob Braglia JCI#30724 1978-1979

Board of Directors: Jim Wern, Administrative Vice President; Ted Malkasian, Internal Vice President; Sid Graumlich, External Vice President; Craig Passon, Secretary; John Terras, treasurer; Val Lea, Chrys Coons, Jim Giradot, Bill Molloy, Directors; Ralph Nelson, Chairman of the Board.

Michigan Jaycee Officers from Rochester; US Jaycee National Vice President.

Highlights: Initiation of Jayteen project, city beautification, resurrection of Jaycee ball park project with installation of 400 feet of fence. Bottle recycling center, Haunted Castle (2nd & Walnut) raising $10,000. Christmas Parade in the rain. No-Show by keynote speaker at community Awards. Project to assist in passage of school millage. Ride for Rochester raising $11,000 for Leader Dogs. Implementation and effectiveness of new Springboard Program. Renewed emphasis on Individual Development programming. 70% retention, 10% growth.

Awards and Recognition: Blue Chip. Tony Lauri, Jaycee of the Year and Key Man. Bob Stephenson, Chairman of the Year (Christmas Parade); Project of the year – Haunted House; Ted Malkasian, Outstanding First Year Member (SPOKE).

Comments: Positive attitude, leadership development attitude and leadership skills to make things happen!

Charlie Clark 1979

Board of Directors: See Jim Wern.   Term – June – August

Jim Wern JCI #31962 1979-1980

Board of Directors: Tony Lauri, Administrative Vice-President; Bill Molloy, External Vice-President; Ted Malikasian, Internal Vice-President; Craig Passon, Secretary; Chrys Coons, Tim Hennigan, Mike VanLeeuwen, Ray Zak, John Inch, Jim Giradot, Directors; Bob Braglia, Chirman of the Board.

Highlights: First Rochester Firecracker Festival Tony Lauri chaired; Christmas Parad, Jim Giradot; Haunted House, first time at Winchester Mall; Senior Citizens evening at Meadowbrook, chired by Steve Reynolds and John Siemianowski; Little League Ball Park.

Awards and Recognition: Blue Chip; Tony Lauri, Key Man.

Comments: I improved my public speaking skills; it gave me the confidence to go into business for myself.

Dr. William Molloy 1980-1981

Board of Directors: Jim Moseley, External Vice-President; Paul Marrero, Internal Vice-President; Jim Wern, Chairman of the Board; Jim Holland, Jim Amish, Jim Boyd, Dave Lepper, Gary Freeman, Greg Worth, John Inch, John Rogers.

Michigan Jaycee Officers from Rochester: Bob Braglia, District Director

Highlights; Ride for Rochester raised over $6,000 for Reye’s syndrome research and for Jaycee ball park improvements, chaired by Chris Gullen. Firecracker Festival, Blue Water amusements didn’t show up with the rides! Chaired by Chris Gullen, John Siemeanowski, Jim Moseley, Jim Wern and Tony Lauri.

Haunted House chaired by John Rogers and Gary Freman. Christmas Parade, Thelma Spencer was Grand Marshall, chaired by Tony Lauri and Jim Giradot. Christmas trees sold for the first time by Jaycees in Rochester, chaired by Dave Lepper. Christmas Shopping tour chaired by Mike Smitha and Greg Worth.   Community Awards guest speaker was Richard Headley.

Awards and recognition: Blue Chip; Keep Michigan Beautiful Award to Rochester Jaycees

Comments: What a year!


Jim Moseley JCI#37885 1981-1982

Board of Directors: Paul Marrero, Chapter Management Vice-President; Jim Boyd, Individual Development Vice-President; Mike Irwin, Community Development Vice-President, John Rogers, Ways and Means Vice-President; John Siemianowski, Treasurer; Bill Cody Secretary; Jeff Whitbey, John Irwin, Ted Hay, Scott McCarthy, Tim Hennigan, Steve Swann, Tom Malkasian, Dave Williams, Directors; Bill Molloy Chairman of the Board.

Michigan Jaycee Officers from Rochester: Bob Braglia, Region 11 Director

Highlights: Haunted House called “Raiders of the Park” raised $5,600 (1st held in Park Shelter), began Safety Town research with Jaycettes, and began MDA fundraisers (Wickes tent sale concession). Firecracker Festival makes a profit (over $1,000). Ball park renovations of parking lot and barriers, spent over $2,000.   30th annual Christmas Parade, 16th annual Community Awards Banquet

Awards and recognition; Jim Boyd, Individual Development Vice-President of Quarter. Michigan Jaycees Pop. V; Paul Marrerp, CMVP of Qtr. Michigan Jaycees Pop. V; Mike Irwin, CDVP of Qtr Michigan Jaycees Pop. V; one of the Top 20 Chapters in Michigan Jaycees for 81-82; Chapter of the Year, District 11-B; 4th year Blue Chip; Jim Moseley, Martin P. Luthy Ten Outstanding President of the Michigan Jaycees

Comments: I met my wife through the Jaycees. They gave me the changes and opportunities to improve my self-confidence and public speaking, and to use and understand goal setting.

Paul S. Marrero JCI#38040 1982-1983

Board of Directors: Jeff Whitbey, Chapter Managemnt Vice-President; John Inch, Community Development Vice-President; John Irwin, Individual development Vice-President; Mike Irwin, Ways and Means Vice-resident; Jim Holland, Treasurer; William Cody, Secretary

Michigan Jaycee Officers from Rochester: Jim Moseley, District Director; Bob Braglia, Administrative Vice-President.

Highlights: Returned to the Haunted House Castle, grossing $12,000. Membership grew to a high of 120 members. Rochester’s Firecracker Festival was held at the Pontiac Silverdome. Year culminated with the 25th anniversary of the Rochester Jaycees, held at Rivercrest.

Awards and Recognition: Gold Chip; Bob Braglia elected President of Michigan Jaycees in May, 1983

Comments: After my presidency, I went on to become a district director, regional director, and Community Development Vice-President for Michigan Jaycees. This would not have been possible if not for the Jaycee triangle or the Jaycee Creed. Making a difference, helping others, getting involved, that’s Jaycees!

Eric Racette 1983

Board of Directors: Harry Potvin, Ways & Means Vice-President; Mike Irwin, Chapter Management Vice-President; John Swol, Individual Development Vice-President; Mark Swol, Secretary; Ted Beck, Treasurer; Dave Jacobs, Neil Racette, Rick Tuzinowski, Joe Rochton, Rich Bujnowski, Mike Stahoviak, Directors.

Harry Potvin 1983-1984

Board of Directors: Tom Muir, Individual Development Vice-President; Jim Boyd, Treasurer.

Michigan Jaycee Officers from Rochester: Bob Braglia, 60th President of the Michigan Jaycees;

Highlights: Chapter was over $5,000 in the red. With the help of chapter alumni and state officers we reactivated some “seasoned” veterans as officers, reorganized to accommodate a smaller membership and held several “M” nights to bring in fresh blood. Ran several projects to pay off old debts and re-establish operating funds. When the year ended we elected a well qualified set of officers, were in the black, and had a good base of quality members. This was the first year we solicited donations from area businesses to support the Christmas Shopping Tour.

Bill Wells 1984-1985

Board of Directors: Tom Muir, Chapter Management Vice-President; Mike Smitha, Individual Development Vice-President; Joe Niemczura, Community Action Vice-President; Lori Nelson, Ways & Means Vice-President; Jeff Nelson, Tom Myers, Neil Racette, Leslie Myers, Diana Moseley, Nancy Braglia, Directors; John Seutter/Tom Myers, Treasurer; Linda Coffel, Secretary; Harry Potvin, Chairman of the Board.

Nancy Bujold (Braglia) 1985-1986

Board of Directors: Wendy Boyd, Management Development Vice-President; Tom Muir, Community Development Vice-President; Jeff Nelson, Individual Development Vice-President; Tom Myers, Treasurer; Linda Coffel, Secretary; Mike Smitha, Sally Webster, Lisa Forgette, Cindy Rosso, Directors; Bill Wels, Chairman of the Board.

Michigan Jaycee Officers from Rochester: Bill Wells, District Director, 11B; Paul Marrero, Region 11 Director.

Highlights: The year the Haunted House was arsoned (Skating shelter in City Park); purchased the Haunted House Trailers. MDA Roadblock and Shamrocks for MDA; Ride for Rochester raised $1,200 for NIBM; Christmas Closet Craft Show raised $2,500 for Children’s Hospital; Christmas Shopping Tour made Christmas special for over 60 children in need. Started the Rochester Jaycee Scholarship Fund, awarded 1 $500 scholarship. All out push for a balanced program with more individual development programs.

Awards and Recognition: Jeff Nelson Jaycee of the Year for Rochester; Tom Muir, Key Jaycee; Blue Chip; finished #16 in Parade of Chapters for Michigan Jaycees; Management Development Chapter of the Year for District 11B; MEA, 1st Place in training; 2nd place, Management Development Programming Chapter, Pop. Div. V, Michigan Jaycees; Nancy Braglia, Martin P. Luthy Ten Outstanding Presidents of Michigan.

Comments: Having been involved peripherally for many years, full membership was exhilarating! The benefits of Jaycees are numerous – leadership skills, personal growth, friendship. Jaycees have filled many moments of our family’s life for twelve years and have given us experiences we will never forget.

Tom Muir JCI#41265 1986-1987

Board of Directors: Bill Wells, Management Development Vice-President; Becky Haga, Community Development Vice-President; Sally Webster, Individual Development Vice-President; Liz Toth, Secretary; Sandy Hepfner, Treasurer; Mary Jo Whitbey, John Swol, Steve Arkwright, Jody Shevin, Diane Accorsi, Scott Hunter, Directors; Nancy Braglia, Chairman of the Board.

Michigan Jaycee Officers from Rochester: Paul Marrero, Community Development Vice-President.

Highlights: Hosted Region 11 meeting for 1st quarter, NIBM top state chapter for fundraising of $4,000; increased press exposure for each chapter project, attending National Jaycee convention in Milwaukee. Paul Marrero presenting Michigan Jaycee fundraising check at MDA telethon in Las Vegas.

Awards and recognition: Becky Haga, Key Jaycee; First Quarter State New Project Award – Computer Dynamics to Jeff Nelson; First Quarter State New Project Award- Bike/Trike Parade at Heritage Festival to Ray Zak; Blue Chip; Chapter in Top Tier all 4 Quarters for Michigan Jaycees, finished year as a Top 20 Chapter. Tom Muir received JCI# 41265.

Comments: I joined the Jaycees to give something back to the community, but the Jaycee reward of personal and leadership development doubled! And so it went, the more I gave, the more I got.


Lori Nelson 1987-1988

Board of Directors: John Swol, MDVP; Scott Hunter, CDVP; Lex vanBrero – IDVP; Linda Coffel, Secretary; Steve Arkwright, Treasurer; Sandy Hepfner, Mike Smitha, Tom Myers, Cindy Rosso, Sally Feil, Jennifer Arkwright, Ray Zak, Directors; Terry Callahan, Heartbeat Editor; Bob Moore, Photographer; Mary Jo Whitley, Publicity

Highlights: 30th Anniversary Celebration

Awards and Recognition: Blue Chip, recognized by State Legislature, both Senate and House, and Ronald Reagan for service to our community, President of the Region; Honorable mention in Management.

Comments: Jaycees should not be about how many awards a chapter can obtain but rater about how many young people it can strengthen, how many community needs it can fulfill, and how much we can learn while doing this. The awards and recognition should follow naturally if you keep these things in mind.

Scott Hunter JCI#54477 1988-1989

Board of directors: Jim Boyd, MDVP; Sally Feil, CDVP; Jenny Racette, IDVP; Paul Marrero, Secretary; Lex vanBrero, Treasurer; Jody Shevin, Pat Tackitt, Lynne Muir, Mike Smitha, Sally Webster, Wendy Boyd, Jeff Nelson, Directors; Sandy Hepfner/Terry Callhan, Heartbeat Editors; Joe Canu, Chaplain

State President: Roy Annett

Meeting Location: Old Port Restaurant & Rochester Golf Club

Highlights: Started the Palace concession fundraiser which went on to become one of our biggest fundraisers ever! Ran the annual Haunted House; Craft Show; Make It-Bake It-Sow It-Grow It Auction; Christmas Shopping Tour; Bill Fox Car Shuttle and Christmas Parade Float. I let a new member chair the float committee and did not see the float until the day of the parade. The float was a total disaster along with the car pulling it and even displayed a Russian flag (Christmas Around The World theme). Lex and I debated on pulling the hitch pin before it left the chairman’s house! The following year I went on to have an enjoyable year as District 17 Director.

Awards & Recognition: Silver Chip, Many District, Region and State Awards

Comments: The chapter achieved growth for the 4th consecutive year and we had high member activation all year long! Over the years I have learned so much from being a member of the Rochester Jaycees. The Jaycees have allowed me to learn public speaking, presentation, planning and leadership skills which have helped me so much in my career. I am proud to have been the 36th President of the Rochester Jaycees.

Lex van Brero JCI#49782 1989-1990

Board of Directors: Paul Marrero – MDVP; Joe Sillman – CDVP; Lori Nelson – IDVP; Jenny Racette- Mem VP; Paula Peters – Secretary; Loren Lang – Treasurer; Marty Ray, Steve Drahozal, Carol Hunter, Jeff Nelson, Kathy Watson, Nancy Thomas, Paul Unruh, Michelle McKay, Eric Racette, Jody Shevin, pave Galles, Sally Feil, Barb Percy, Terry Corbett, Bill Holtman – Directors; Linda Frederick – Heartbeat

Editor; Pat Tackitt – Chaplain; M~ Dicker – Media Relations

State President: Louis Legg (Fire Up!) Meeting Location: Denny’s

Highlights: Presidential motto: Challenge the Future! We had L_o_n_g meetings, our first Carnival,

Substantial Chapter growth, ran numerous Palace booths, and brought the Troy Jaycees back. We also had a full board of directors, hosted t4eyear end State Convention at the Troy Hilton, held our meeting afterglows at Coopers Arms, and ran many Projects! Projects! Projects! During the late 80’s through early 90’s we had smooth board transitions and the chapter name was officially changed to the Rochester Area Jaycees to make the chapter more representative of the area.

Awards & Recognition: We achieved Gold Chip and received our 1st chapter Giessenbier; numerous District, Region and State awards; received a Presidential Medallion and Luthy award.

Jody Shevin JCI#49934 1990-1991

Board of Directors: Joe Sillman – MDVP; Paula Peters – CDVP; Loren Lang – mvp; Marty Ray – MemVP; Pat Tackitt – Secretary; John St. John – Treasurer; Steve Drahozal, Carol Hunter, Kathy Watson, Paul Unruh, Jill van Brero, Kathrine Titus, Natalie Ray, Debbi Coppi, Bill Holtman – Directors; Linda Frederick – Heartbeat Editor; Nancy Thomas – Chaplain

State President: Mike Rockafellow

Meeting Location: Rochester Community House

Highlights: We added 72 new members with a growth factor of plus 20, We started a new chapter in Auburn Hills with 36 new members, ran over 150 projects/meetings; many of them newly conceived. The Pistons had a winning season which helped our Palace Booths raise $20,000-$30,000. We had huge awards / recognition programs throughout the year.

Awards & Recognition: State Chapter of the Quarter (1,2,3), Top Tier all year, Management Chapter of the Year, 1st or 2nd place Project of Year awards in each of 4 areas all 4 quarters, Presidential Medallion~ Top 10 State President (Luthy), Top 20 President (Lichwala)

Comments: The Michigan Jaycee theme of “People Touching People” was accomplished in unbelievable proportions in our backyards. Just in three projects alone – Safety Town, Christmas Shopping Tour, and Dinners-in-a-bag, we touched over 2500 people! I am proud to have been the 38th President of the Rochester Area Jaycees.

Paula Peters JCI#57370 1991-1992

Board of Directors: Marty Ray – MDVP; Nancy Thomas – CDVP; Joe Sillman (Scott Hunter – IDVP; None -Mem VP; Lori Nixon – Secretary; Lex vanBrero – Treasurer; Jonathon Oakes, Melanie Reiser, John St. John, Don Freihoefer, Steve Drahozal, Cheryl McLane, Kathy Watson, Arun Archarya, Kathy Richardson, Anne Kaye, Carol Poonpanij, Michelle Derrick – Directors; Michelle Engle – Heartbeat Editor; Jenny Racette – Chaplain; Kathy Watson -Presidential Assistant

State President: Dave Allen

Meeting Location: Rochester Community House

Highlights: Through Palace booths, a terrific Haunted House, our second Carnival, and outstanding Craft Shows we raised over $26,000 for our community. Four High School Seniors received $1000.00 scholarships and organizations like Clothes Closet, MDA, Lighthouse, PATH, and Paws With A Cause benefited because of our dedication in proving service to humanity is the best work of life.

Awards & Recognition: Finished the year plus 3 in membership with 70% activation and were recognized for our efforts with Rochester’s 2nd Giessenbier, Diamond Chip and a Luthy. A phenomenal year!!

Comments: We started the year with a full board of enthusiastic individuals and a base membership or 150. Our chapter had many lofty goals and all were exceeded.

Marty Ray JCI#55998 1992-1993

Board of Directors: Steve Drahozal – MDVP; Scott. Hunter- CDVP; Jonathon Oakes – IDVP; Don Freihoefer -MemVP; Terry Standish – Secretary; Michael Balian – Treasurer; Kathy Zemens, Katherine Titus, Mike Gutowsky, Tom Page, Kellie Bryan, Geni Fritch, Mike Smitha, Lisa Gardner, Carol Poonpanij, Dave Standish, Michelle Derrick, – Directors; Natalie Ray – Heartbeat Editor; Laura Traylor- Chaplain; Liz Friehoefer – Fashion Director

State President: Vince Goff

Meeting Location: Rochester Community House

Highlights: We raised and spent $84,000 and ran 154 projects in one year in our community! It was the year of “Moose on a stick” and “Moose on the Loose”. Due to Lex and Jody’s successful Carnival, I had the privilege of presenting a $10,000 check to the library and having our name forever on a children’s activity room. Had our first Oldtimers Hockey Game; we made a stance by participating in a grassroots organization called “CASM” to request that the City of Rochester Hills NOT allow 70 gravel trucks a day to run through town. We also helped those who lost their homes in the downtown explosion.

Awards & Recognition: Many Population 5 awards for area programming in all four areas, IDVP, MDVP,

CDVP, Memb VP. Chapter of the Quarter in Population 5 – twice. Many others but my memory fails me!

Comments: The think I remember most was the Installation/Year End Banquet. Unknown to me, someone listened to a speech I gave for the Chapter when I was preparing for a Speak Up. It was about Heroes. My Parents, Dave Christopher (50th President of Wyoming Jaycees) & Captain Kirk. My Parents were brought out as a surprise (they live 1200 miles away), then my friend & hero Dave Christopher. I later learned that Dave had contracted MS since we last met, but left his cane in the other room so I would not worry. Now I was wondering about Captain Kirk since there was a Star Trek convention in town and he was there. N3evertheless, I did get an autographed photo. What a surprise! We had a fun year. I made many friends, many of which are friends today. My year ended while I was recovering from the Chicken Pox. Thank You Paula Peters for giving my speech at the Year End Banquet.

Steve Drahozal 1993 – 1994

Board of Directors: Open – MDVP; Laura Traylor – CDVP; Paula Peters – IDVP; Open -MemVP; Colleen Sullivan – Secretary; Kim Saxton – Treasurer; Don Freihoefer, Liz Freihoefer, Todd Gray, Dawn Murray, Carol Poonpanij, Scott Hunter, Rich Power, Tom Page, Ed Ulrich, Jim Wern, Terri Herman – Directors; Christa Murphy / Colleen Sullivan – Heartbeat Editor

State President: Bonnie Ballanger

Meeting Location: Rochester Community House

Highlights: Started Pine Knob fundraiser; went to “Hell” (Michigan); hosted Beers of the World; Progressive Dinner; Make It-Bake It-Sow It-Grow It Auction; Colleen Sullivan’s Beat The Blues Graffiti T-Shirt Party was quite a success as was Paula Peters Fun With Fondue project; Don Freihoefer took us to the Silverdome to In-Line Skate and Scott Hunter organized the first Red Wing Alumni Hockey Game fundraiser.

Comments: It was my years of learning at The Rochester Area Jaycees which enabled me to help another chapter grow to become one of the finest in Michigan. Their success has helped me earn statewide recognition, a Presidential Medallion and my Senatorship #58945 from my new home chapter, the Farmington Area Jaycees. This may not have been possible if I had not been a member of The Rochester Area Jaycees from 1989 through 1994.

Terri Herman 1994-1995

Board of Directors: John Murrey – MDVP; Open, CDVP; Open – IDVP; Dawn Murrey -Mem VP; Don Freihoefer-Secretary; Marty Ray – Treasurer; Joe Doll, Karen Floyd, Cheryl Tuzinowski, Mary Grimm, Alex Dominique, Scott Hunter, Kim Saxton, Peter Loren, Scott Nietzke, Colleen Sullivan – Directors

Meeting Location: Rochester Community House


John Murrey 1995-1996 JCI# 76023

Board of Directors: Brenda Gorman – MDVP; Cheryl Tuzinowski – CDVP; Tony Pate/Dave Anderson- IDVP; Mary Grimm – MemVP; Sue Glowacki – Secretary; Joe Doll- Treasurer; Peter Loren, Marcia Doll, Tim Burgess, Jeremy Owczarski, Dawn Murrey , Alex Dominique – Directors

Meeting Location: Rochester Community House

Highlights: Our chapter t-shirts with slogan “Rippin Up Rochester” made us very visible at conventions. We had 82% retention and growth of +13. Donated Borden Park Shelter; hosted year end Region Meeting.

Awards & Recognition: Many State, Region & District awards; Dave Lichwala Memorial award; Presidential award of Excellence (twice); Region F President (4th Qtr); District F2 President of the Year; Key Jaycee – Tim Burgess

Comments: Our number one goal was to have fun. It’s amazing how much success you can have when you are having fun! As chapter President I learned a lot that year and also realized that there was a lot left out there to learn. Thank You Rochester Area Jaycees.

Alex Dominique 1996-1997

Board of Directors: Tim Burgess – MDVP; Shari Dominique-CDVP; Ellen Libkie – IDVP; Gary Coates- Mem VP; Sue Scarchilli – Treasurer; Tony Pate, Marty Ray, Jeff Soya, Cheryl Satterthwaite, Tom Irwin, Nicole Nance -Directors

Meeting Location: Rochester Community House

Highlights: Conferring “Degrees” at Safety Town to PreSchoolers, and receiving recognition for MIJ.C Community Project of the Year for the Red Wing Alumni Hockey Game (Scott Hunter – Chairman)

Ellen Libkie 1997-1998

Board of Directors: Lisa Asadoorian – MDVP; Gary Coats – CDVP; Cheryl Sattertwaite – Mem VP; Jean

Allen – Secretary; Margery Holth – Treasurer; Jim Cromie, Jeff Sova, Al Vandenberg, Dawn Murray, Julie

Vandenberg, Kevin Sheridan, Directors

Meeting Location: Rochester Community House

Awards & Recognition: Several District, Region & State project and overall programming awards including Pop 5 chapter of 1st, 3rd, 4th quarters; Pop 5 chapter of the Year; Giessenbeir award; Lichwala award and Presidential Medallion

Ellen Libkie 1998

Board of Directors: Cheryl Satterthwaite – MDVP; Mike Walch – Secretary; Lynda Donald- Treasurer; Jim Cromie – Director

Meeting Location: Rochester Community House

Comments: This was the year that the Jaycee year switched to the calendar year. Ellen was kind enough to stay on as President for the additional time to even out the future Presidential years.

Cheryl Satterthwaite JCI# 66119 1999

Board of Directors: Paula Peters, Community VP; Renee Henderson, Treasurer

Highlights: That year, we ran successful projects such as Senior Easter Baskets, Heritage Festival, Safety Town, Haunted House and Christmas Shopping Tour.

Comments: This was the first year after the “calendar year” change.  The year started off with a great opportunity for the chapter and for myself.  I was selected by the 75th President of the Michigan Jaycees, Janie Connor (Bergeron) to attend the first U.S. Jaycees Local Presidents Summit.  It was a great experience and I made many friends across the country that I continue to see at U.S. Jaycees events.   While the year had a limitless amount of challenges, it gave me a strong foundation to launch my leadership career in the Jaycees.  I have gone on to serve the Michigan Jaycees in numerous positions including District Director in 2000, Community Development Vice President in 2005, and Region F Director in 2007.

Gary Coats JCI# 68629  2000

Board of Directors: Michelle Tribisondi, Cheryl Satterthwaite, Tedd Brown, Dawn Murray

Highlights: running the core projects – Senior Easter Baskets, Sausage Grilling at Heritage Festival, Safety Town, Haunted House, and Christmas Shopping Tour. Getting a pie in my face at a GMM after losing my gavel, preparing GMM agendas at work during lunch on GMM days, and many organized piles of JC papers spread out on my living room floor most of the year.

Awards and Recognition: Blue Chip

Comments: In addition to the board members, some of the key members of 2000 included Paul Mayer (Newsletter Editor and Mr. Everything), Paula Peters (Safety Town chair and advisor), John Crawford (joined in May; co-chaired Haunted House), Jason Bruce (co-chaired Haunted House), and Judge Lisa Asadoorian (Christmas Shopping Tour chair), and Elspeth Galloway (joined in June; was at just about everything…that’s what happens when you’re dating the president). I thoroughly enjoyed being president of our great chapter. I welcomed trying to live up to the standards set by past RAJC presidents including good friends such as Paula Peters, Terri Brady (Herman), and Marty Ray. I was very proud to lead our organization as we grew, literally and figuratively. It was one of the great experiences of my life and I loved every minute of it – all of the “ups” and even the few “downs” (opportunities!). Our activation grew during the year, our membership grew through the year, and our finances also increased. Notable recruits in 2000 include Krista Tocco (RAJC president in 2003) and Elspeth Galloway (became Elspeth Coats in 2002; RAJC president in 2006).

Tedd Brown 2001

Board of Directors: Cheryl Satterthwaite, Elspeth (Galloway) Coats, John Crawford, Tom Page


Board of Directors: Cheryl Satterthwaite, Membership Vice President; Kyle Arnold, Krista Tocco & Kelly Prout, Directors; Gary Coats, Treasurer; Elspeth (Galloway) Coats, Secretary

Krista Tocco JCI# 67648 2003

Board of Directors: Kyle Arnold, Management Vice President, Elspeth Coats, Membership Vice President; Jean Allen, Community Vice President; Gary Coats, Individual Development Vice President; John Kowalczyk and Stephanie Kowalczyk, Directors; Cheryl Satterthwaite, Treasurer; Paula Peters, Secretary; Pauline Holbrook, Heartbeat Editor

State President: Mike Harris

Highlights: We worked on developing a few new cornerstone projects that lasted a few years while still running our tried and true Heritage Festival, Safety Town, Haunted House and Christmas Shopping Tour programs.

Theme: Unlocking the Magic of the Rochester Area Jaycees

Awards and Recognition: There were a lot of District, Region and State Awards and Recognition throughout the year. We were named #1 Chapter of the year for our District. I am most proud of our Blue Chip as everyone worked very hard to achieve this standard of excellence. I was recognized as a top 10 President for Michigan with the Martin P. Luthy Memorial Award but it was truly the chapter that achieved that.

Comments: Our chapter was going through a rough time. Our membership had shrunk to 30 members and due to lack of recruitment and activation, the leadership pool was getting pretty slim. There was no President the year before and our chapter would not have survived another year on that track. So, the tribal elders hoodwinked a wet behind the ears two year member to be President. I had A LOT of help. With the guidance of three of my mentors, Paula Peters, Ellen Libke and Cheryl Satterthwaite we were able to grow the chapter to 38 members by the end of the year. Our activation was over 80% the entire year and our members were having F-U-N fun. We focused on activating our members and recruited. I am very proud to say that of the 14 new members added in 2003, 9 have gone on to serve on our chapter’s board of directors in future years, now that’s leadership in action. As for me, I have gained so much from my Jaycee experience excelling both personally and professionally. I cannot thank this organization enough for the opportunities that I have been blessed with. I went on to be District F3 Director in 2004, Region F Director in 2005, Administrative Vice President for the MIJCs in 2006 and Individual Development Vice President for the MIJCs in 2007. With 8 years left before I age out, I look forward to continuing my development in the Jaycee organization.

Paula Peters JCI #57370 2005

Awards and Recognition: Blue Chip, Recognized as one of the top 10 Presidents in the State of Michigan with the Martin P. Luthy Memorial Award

State President: Robert Joseph Peacock

Elspeth Coats JCI #68939 2006

Board of Directors: Kelly Prout – Management VP; Keith Lakatosh – Community VP; Amy Farr – Membership VP; Jennifer Beutler – IDVP; Pamela Bubnar – Secretary; Andreea Ionescu – Treasurer; Corie Conroy – Management Director & Press Secretary; Chad Rinke – Community Director; Lindsey Lee – Membership Director; Lauren VanGilder – Membership Director; Michael Abbott – ID Director; Victoria Czapski – Director at Large; Gary Coats – Presidential Assistant; Cindy Kinney – Newsletter Editor

State President: Jeffrey Paul Smith

Michigan Jaycee Officers from Rochester: Krista Tocco, Administrative Vice President; Cheryl Satterthwaite, MIJC Press Secretary

Highlights: Safety Town, Haunted House, and Christmas Shopping Tour continued to be strong projects for us. We started two new projects, Art and Apples gate keepers and wrapping presents at Borders Books, which continue to be popular and successful today. We stepped up our PR with press releases every month! We hosted the Inter-Service Club Dinner to rave reviews and involved a number of service clubs that had not been seen there in years. Thank you to our own Lisa Asadoorian for speaking at the event.

Awards and Recognition: MIJC Overall Chapter of the Quarter 2006 Q1, MIJC Overall Chapter of the Quarter for Base Group B every quarter, Giessenbier for base group B, Luthy President, USJC Third place overall for International Area of Opportunity, USJC Third place in base group for overall programming.

Comments: We finished the year with many great awards and recognitions. This was our first time in a number of years to submit full programming books in all areas, but you never would have known by the quality of the books. At the end of the year we were at growth with 44 members, had run 92 distinct projects, and raised $10,816. There are so many great memories from 2006 and that is due in large part to the great participation from everyone at all levels of the chapter. We couldn’t have done it without everyone’s involvement.

Kelly Prout 2007

Board of Directors:   Pamela Bubnar, Individual Development Vice-President; Paul Jackson,  Management Vice-President; Keith Lakatosh, Membership Vice-President; Elspeth Coats, Treasurer; Pamela Bubnar, Secretary; David Silver, Lindsey Lee, Serena Oberhaus, Andrea Ionescu, Directors; Corie Conroy; Press Secretary; Elspeth Coats Chairman of the Board.

State President: Cindy Tomaszewski

Michigan Jaycee Officers from Rochester:  Krista Tocco, Michigan Jaycee Individual Development Vice-President; Cheryl Satterthwaite, Region F Director

Highlights:  The Rochester Area Jaycees honored Krista Tocco with JCI Senatorship.  Welcome JCI Senator #67648!

Awards and Recognition; Paul Jackson, Region F Director of the Year, Elspeth Coats, Region F Treasurer of the Year; Tunnel of Terror Haunted House, Region F Management Project of the Year; Region F Management Area of the Year; 100% Activation General Membership Meeting, Region F Membership Project of the Year.  Michigan Jaycee Parade of Chapters Quarters 2, 3 & 4;  Members of 24 Club – RAJC Relay for Life raised over $2,400.

Comments:  The Jaycees allowed me the opportunities to improve my self-confidence, public speaking, organizational skills and to use and understand goal setting.

Pamela Bubnar 2008 JCI# 75124

Board of Directors: Paul Jackson, Management VP; Krista Tocco, Membership VP; Serena Oberhaus, Individual VP; Keith Lakatosh, International VP; Jason Matz, Management Director; Michael Webber, Community Director; Tim Duncan, Membership Director; Julia Wimberly, Individual Director; Maria Dominguez, Secretary; David Silver, Treasurer; Lindsey Lee, Heartbeat Editor.
State President: Brian Coker
Awards and Recognition:

Jason Matz 2009

Board of Directors: Krista Tocco, Membership VP; Julia Webber, Community VP; Keith Lakatosh, Individual VP; Colleen Daly, Management Director; Michael Webber, Community Director; Jocelyn Moellering, Membership Director; Pamela Bubnar, Acting Secretary; Dan Moellering, Treasurer.

State President: Fay Poissant


Theme: Workin’ on a Mystery

Awards and Recognition:


Keith Lakatosh                                                             2010

Board of Directors: Dan Moellering, Management VP; Lindsey Lee, Membership VP; Julia Webber, Community VP; Jocelyn Moellering, Individual VP; Directors at Large: Doug Allen, Paul Jackson, Mike Webber.

State President: Darlene Dresch

Michigan Jaycee Officers from Rochester:  Krista Tocco, Michigan Jaycee Training Director



Awards and Recognition:


Julia Webber                                                               2011

Board of Directors:

State President: David Q. Worthams

Michigan Jaycee Officers from Rochester:  Krista Tocco, Michigan Jaycee President’s Coach



Awards and Recognition:

Comments: Senator

Dan Moellering                                                               2012

Board of Directors: Paul Jackson, Management VP; Mike Webber, Community VP; Maria Dominguez, IDVP; Julia Webber, COB/Membership VP; Lindsey Lee, Treasurer; Karen Geibel, Director
State President: Sarah Nelson
Michigan Jaycee Officers from Rochester:  Krista Tocco – Chaplain
Highlights: We did many great things this year and we had a lot of fun doing it. Including: Hosted Inter-Service Club Dinner, poured beer at WEB, Heritage Festival, Relay for Life, Dear Soldier, Haunted House, Santa’s Mailbox, Christmas Shopping Tour
Theme: Earth’s great treasure
Awards and Recognition: State and National Project of the year in Community – Christmas Shopping Tour

Michael Webber                                                               2013

Board of Directors:
Michigan Jaycee Officers from Rochester:  Dan Moellering, Communications and Technology Committee
Theme: Our Year
Awards and Recognition:

Jocelyn Moellering                                                               2014

Board of Directors: Michael Webber, COB; Paul Jackson, Management VP; Julia Webber, Community VP; Justin Simon, Membership/ID VP; Director, Krista Tocco; Director, Cody Hawkins; Director, Dan Hauser; Secretary, Christy Hawkins
Michigan Jaycee Officers from Rochester:  Krista Tocco, National ONTO; Dan Moellering, Communications and Technology Committee
Theme: Step It Up
Awards and Recognition: Lichwala – Jocelyn Moellering

Paul Jackson 2015

Board of Directors:
Michigan Jaycee Officers from Rochester:  Krista Tocco, National ONTO; Dan Moellering, Technology and social media strategist; Jocelyn Moellering, Programming Director; Kristin Garstka, Training Committee; Stephanie Gerds, Production Committee
Theme: Keep Moving Forward
Awards and Recognition:

Beth Michaels 2016

Board of Directors: COB – Paul Jackson, Internal VP – Katie Mecset, External VP – Sarah Petruska, Treasurer – Dan Moellering, Secretary – Jenni Sasiela, Director – Stephanie Gerds,  Director – Amanda Pieczynski, Director – Megan Pieczynski, Director – Kristin Garstka, Director – Eric Frisbee

Michigan Jaycee Officers from Rochester:  Krista Tocco, Executive Presidential Assistant; Dan Moellering, Communication & Technology Director; Jocelyn Moellering, Programming Director; Stephanie Gerds, Training Director; Kristin Garstka Programming Director
Highlights: we finished the year at growth, we had lots of new members chair projects
Theme: Only you can control your future
Awards and Recognition: Luthy President, Top 5 CLC every trimester and year-end

Jenny Sasiela 2017

Board of Directors: Beth Michaels, COB; Sarah Petruska, External Vice President; Megan Pieczynski, Internal Vice President; Amanda Pieczynski, Director; Kristin Garstka, Treasurer; Kristine Vallo, Secritary; Kim Wolosiewicz, Director; Maria Willett, Director; Julia Webber, Director; Maria Dominguez, Director
Michigan Jaycee Officers from Rochester: Jocelyn Moellering, Programming Vice President; Dan Moellering, District 4 Director; Kristin Garstka, Finance Director; Beth Michaels, Training Team
Theme: Together as One Team
Awards and Recognition:

Jocelyn Moellering 2018

Board of Directors: Jenny Sasiela – COB and Treasurer; Russell Bauer – Secretary; Kristine Valo – Internal VP; Julia Webber – External VP; Kristin Garstka – Director; Amelia Deschamps – Director
Michigan Jaycee Officers from Rochester: Dan Moellering, Chief Operations Officer; Beth Michaels, Training Director; Stephanie Gerds, Executive Presidential Assistant; Paul Jackson, Presidential Assistant
Theme: Engage, Empower, Excel
Awards and Recognition:

Dan Moellering JCI#77898 2019

Board of Directors: Jocelyn Moellering – COB; Amelia Deschamps – Internal VP; Russell Bauer – External VP; David McCracken – Treasurer; Kim Wolosiewicz  – Director; Maria Willett  – Director
JCI Michigan Officers from Rochester:  Beth Michaels – D1 Director; Stephanie Gerds – D5 Director; Kristin Garstka – Chaplin; Jocelyn Moellering – Membership Director; Dan Moellering – Elections Chair
Theme: Reaching for New Heights
Awards and Recognition:
1st Place CLC in Trimester 1, 2nd Place CLC in Trimester 2, 3rd Place CLC in Trimester 3, 3rd Place CLC for the Year, Chapter of the 2nd Trimester, Giessenbier, Lichwala President, Top Inter Organization & Civic Collaboration Project – Dear Soldier, National William B. Robertson Award – Local Community Empowerment Program – Dear Soldier, National Andrew & Charlotte Mungenast Memorial Award – Outstannding Jaycee Family – Moellerings, National Clarence H. Howard Memorial Award – Most Outstanding Local Chapter

Lindsey Lee  2020

Board of Directors: Dan Moellering – COB; Maria Dominguez – Internal VP; Kim Rieger – External VP; Sarah Bischoff – Treasurer; Audrey Bury – Director
JCI Michigan Officers from Rochester:  Jocelyn Moellering – Chief of Staff; Beth Michaels – Chief Operations Officer; Dan Moellering – Elections committee
Highlights: Haunted House, Member Appreciation Night
Theme: Bee Your Best
Awards and Recognition:

Derek Brunt  2021

Board of Directors: Lindsey Lee – COB/Treasurer; Kim Rieger – Internal VP; Audrey Bury – External VP; Shannon Brunt – Secretary
JCI Michigan Officers from Rochester:  Beth Michaels – Production
Theme: Family by Friendship
Awards and Recognition: