Alice Hayes                                                     1958-1959

Board of Directors: Arlene Rigdon, Vice-President; Helen Wiley, Secretary; Jan Mack, Treasurer.


Highlights: Jaycee assistance for the Easter Egg Hunt, pumpkin sale, YMCA membership drive. Community service: Girl Scout uniform exchange, assistance to leukemia clinic children with books, games, Christmas party favors; babysitting classes.


Awards and recognition: Michigan Jaycee Auxiliary Milestone Award for outstanding new auxiliary.


Comments: 12 of 18 wives were pregnant or had babies during this year!


Joann Thomas                                                 1959-1960


Pat Avery                                                        1960-1961

Highlights: Mothers Watch program. Also did training for babysitting.


Jeannie Groomes                                            1961-1962


Pat Arnold                                                       1962-1963


Helen Bennett                                                  1963-1964


Sue Vernia                                                       1964-1965

Board of Directors: Jan Beattie, Vice-President; Sue Schuiteman, Secretary; Lee Formicola, Treasurer; Ruth Edwards, Director.


Highlights: We did the story times as the library with training from Helen Williams. Also played bingo with residents at the Danish Old Peoples Home and provided the prizes and treats; visited Pontiac State Hospital and held socials for teens; helped the Jaycees with cider making. Joann Thomas was given Lifetime membership in the auxiliary.


Lee Formicola                                                  1965-1966

Board of Directors: Bev Jasinski, Vice-President; Sarah Zowada, Treasurer; Judy Bennet, Seretary; Mary Wall, Director; Sue Vernia, Past-President.


Highlights: Rochester Auxiliary were hosts for the Spring District 9 meeting of the Michigan Jaycee Auxiliary; 13 members worked for many months on this project. It was quite grand. Story hour sessions the library and babysitting courses gave us the opportunity to work with the youth in our community. The Art ‘N Apples Festival was a major project for both the Jaycees and Auxiliary.


Awards and Recognition: Outstanding New Member, Barbara Webster; Outstanding Board member, Sue Vernia; Outstanding Participation to Karol Ohman; Key-She, Bev Jasinski. Lee Formicola was one of the Ten Outstanding Chapter Presidents of Michigan Jaycee Auxiliary!


Comments: For me there was quite an impact on my life. I went from local president to District 9 Vice President to State Executive Vice President and in 1968 President of the Michigan Jaycee Auxiliary. What great years those were. Local, district and state involvement and before you know it 10 years of your life has flown by. I could not have attained all I did without the Rochester Jaycees and the Auxiliary. They supported me physically, emotionally and monetarily and to this day I recall the warm friendships, the smiles and the memories they so willingly gave me. Thank you dear friends and Happy Anniversary.


Beverly Jasinski                                               1966-1967

Board of Directors: Karol Ohman, Vice-President; Sarah Zowada, Secretary; Barb Webster, Treasurer; Lynn Watson, Director; Lee Formicola, Past-President.


Michigan Jaycee Auxiliary Officers from Rochester; Lee Formicola, District Director


Highlights: Sidewalk days bake sale, garage sale, Jaycee State Bowling Tournament, Fall District, apple picking, safety bags for pumpkin sale, Christmas boxes for Pontiac State Hospital, toy party, harvest party, Christmas party, needy children’s breakfast, New Year’s Eve Party, poison prevention, daughter Dianne born 3/25/1967, spring district, geranium sale story hours at the library.


Awards and recognition: Karol Ohan, Key Jayshe; Barb Webster, Outstanding Board Member; Sandy Carson, Outstanding New Member; Bev Jasinski, Outstanding Local President Award from Michigan Jaycee Auxiliary.


Comments: Friendship, fun, work and pregnancies (lots of new, future Jaycees!). It was a great time in our life!


Hedy Sullivan                                                  1967-1968

Board of Directors: Sarah Zowada Vice-President; Judy Sellgren, Secretary; Sandee Larson, Treasurer; Joan Potter, Director; Mary Wall, Director; Bev Jasinski, Past-President.


Highlights: The projects that are most memorable to me are the work we did with autistic children at Pontiac State Hospital, working with the Jaycees on the Art ‘N Apples Festival, raising funds to donate little red wagons to Crittenton Hospital, story hour at the library, a petition drive to “Get courts out of politics” and Jaycee 10th anniversary party with a cake that had a “topless go-go dancer” in it (see scrapbook).


Awards and recognition: Outstanding Young Woman of Rochester, Sue Vernia; Outstanding Project in District, Day Camp for Autistic Boys; Auxiliary of the Year, Class IV; and Outstanding Local President, Hedy Sullivan!

Comments: The Rochester Jaycees showed me what it was like to be involved with the community. Nowhere in all the places that we have moved since leaving Rochester, have we found the community spirit and love that we had in Rochester. This town and especially the Jaycees and Jaycettes will always have the warmest place in my heart.


SARAH ZOWADA                                              1968-1969

Board of Directors: Judie Sellgren, Vice-President; Lois Ohlsson, Secretary; Grace Moran, Treasurer; Jan Carver, Nancy Soudas, Hedy Sullivan, Directors.


JUDIE SELLGREN                                                1969-1970

Board of Directors: Grace Moran, Vice-President; Jan Carver, Secretary; Iris Firment, Treasurer.


GRACE MORAN                                               1971-1972

Board of Directors: Bonnie Carlton/Peg Gouin, Treasurer; Christie Robinson, Director.


CHRISTIE ROBINSON                                         1971-1972                               LIFE MEMBER

Board of Directors: Sara Johnson, Vice-President; Sue Wilson, Secretary; Lynn Brown, Treasurer; Sue Edwards, Carol Rubley, Sharon McGee, Pat Mansfield, Directors.



SHARON McGEE                                               1972-1973

Board of Directors: Peg Gouin, Vice-President; Pat Mansfield, Secretary; Carolyn Pedrotty, Treasurer; Sue Edwards, Gretchen Fuelling, Sara Johnson, Directors.


PAT VANWORMER                                            1973-1974

Board of Directors: Sue Wilson, Vice-President; Tina Justin, Secretary; Chris Danek, Treasurer; Rosemary Beiermeister; Gretchen Fuelling, Pat Teets and Barb Benedict, Directors.


State Jaycee Officers from Rochester: Dick Robinson, President; Rod Wilson, Vice-President; Gary Fuelling, V.D. State Chairman.


Highlights: Revival of Pet, Doll & Wheel Parade, “Klaus Kloset”, Learning Tree presentations in schools, Jaycee Ball Park Signs. We were involved in the beginning stages of a community house campaign. Excellent Jaycee Assistance, as there were 7 babies that year.


Awards and Recognition: Lifetime Member presented to Christie Robinson.


Comments: Jaycee involvement & its impact have to begin with the friends that were gained over the years – those people will be lifelong friends. I can’t imagine life without them. The personal skills that were gained through personal growth classes, community involvement and various state offices held continue to be assets in my life. This training has been used time and time again since the conclusion of my Jayceete involvement in 1984.



PAT MANSFIELD/SUE WILSON                            1974-1975

Board of Directors: Barbara Wright, Secretary; Sue Edwards, Treasurer; Marilyn Carry, Tina Justin, Debbie Lehto, Directors.


BONNIE HUILET                                                 1975-1976

Board of Directors: Peggy Gerwitz, Secretary.


SANDY GUILLOU                                               1976-1977

Board of Directors: Marge Giradot/Shiela Newton, Vice-President; Margaret Spencer, Secretary; Bonnie Huilet, Treasurer; Marlene Dayne, Sherrii Wern, Directors.


SHEILA NEWTON                                               1977-1978

Board of Directors: Debbie Spencer, Vice-President; Diana Giradot, Secretary; Toni Grow, Treasurer; Margie Giraot, Sherrii Wern, Julie Giant, Directors.



DEBBIE SPENCER                                              1978-1979

Board of Directors: Sherrii Wern, Vice-President; Judy Passon, Secretary; Carol Murphy, Treasurer; Diana Giradot, Carol Cuthbertson, Directors.



DONNALEAN LANKTREE                         1979-1980

Board of Directors: Suzanne VanLeeuwen, Vice-President; Carolyn Inch, Secretary; Carol Murphy, Treasurer; Luanne Craggs, Nancy Braglia, Directors.



SHERRII WERN                                                  1980

Board of Directors: se Donnalean Lanktree


Christmas Closet Bazaar raised $339 for N.I.B.M., $200 for puppets for Avon Township Library, $130 to Michigan Humane Society. Garage Sale, visited Kelly and Company, taught Red Cross Mothers Aide course at the library, held a progressive dinner.


Awards and recognition: Sharon Newman was one of the Five Outstanding Young Women of Michigan.



CAROLYN INCH                                               1980-1981


WENDY B. BOYD                                               1981-1982

Board of Directors: Sue Malkasian, Vice-President; Mary Jo Whitbey, Secretary; Kim Lister, Treasurer (half year); Diana Moseley, Director.


State Jaycee Officers from Rochester: Bob Braglia, Region 11 Director.


Highlights: We bought a “Resusci Anne” for the fire department, Christmas Closet, Kiss your Baby, Make a Mitten, started Safety Town and B.U.B.S. Ice Cream Social at Fireworks Festival, Hosted Fall District Meeting (Homecoming theme, ask which Jaycees were cheerleaders!)


Awards and recognition: Sue Malkasian, Key Woman; Lynne Muir, Jaycette of theYear; Wendy Boyd, Fast Start President.


Comments: The Jaycees have had a large impact on my life. It got me involved in my community and made me aware of all the different needs and organizations in Rochester. By being Nancy Braglia’s Management V.P. in the Jaycees (85-86) it gave me great self-confidence and pride in the work we accomplished. As a stay-at-home mother it has given me a chance to keep my management skills alive and given me a way to channel my energies. A very self-fulfilling experience for me and the community benefits – what could be better. I also made so many good friends.



DIANA LEE MOSELEY                                         1982-83, 1984

Board of Directors: Mary Jo Whitbey, Evonda Dominy, Linda Cobb, Lori Nelson, Leslie Myers, Lynne Muir.


Michigan Jaycee Officers from Rochester: Jim Moseley, District 11B Director; Bob Braglia, Administrative Vice-President.


Highlights: Mr. Legs contest to benefit Cystic Fibrosis, hosted Fall District Meeting, financial support to Miss T.E.E.N contest.


Awards and recognition: #1 for Internal Programming for 2 quarters from MJA; 100% retention Award from MJA; Togetherness Award from Michigan Jaycees.


Comments: I met my husband through the Jaycees. In addition, I gained self confidence and discovered limitless opportunities for personal growth, both within and outside the Jaycees. This organization instilled in me a drive to give back what I have gained to my community and the skills to do so.



MARY IRWIN                                                    1983



DIANA MOSELEY                                               1983-1984



LORI NELSON                                                    1984


The auxiliary was disbanded in August, 1984 when Jaycee membership was opened to women.