Jaycees Areas of Opportunity

The U.S. Junior Chamber founder Henry Giessenbier’s vision of providing young people with leadership through community service can be broken down into five Areas of Opportunity.  The Michigan Jaycees classify all of their projects by commissions which are then grouped in these areas of opportunity.  These areas are overseen by a Vice President.  In Rochester, we have four VP positions to oversee five areas of opportunity as follows:


Community Development VP

Community Area of Opportunity

  • Community Service Commission
  • Community Fundraising Commission
  • Government & Civic Involvement Commission
  • Children & Youth Commission

Individual Development VP

Individual Area of Opportunity

  • Personal Development Commission
  • Professional Development Commission

International Area of Opportunity

  • State, National, & International Junior Chamber Involvement Commission
  • International Involvement Commission

Management Development VP

Management/Business Area of Opportunity

  • Marketing & Public Relations Commission
  • Strategic Planning Commission
  • Financial Management Commission
  • Business Opportunity Commission

Membership Development VP

Membership Area of Opportunity

  • Membership Retention Commission
  • Growth and New Chapters Commission
  • Chapter Activities Commission