What’s Your Bag?

Julia Webber, Community VP, 248-613-6875

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2010 @ 7:30 PM

Ladies, it’s time to clean out that closet and dig up those old handbags. Gentlemen, dust off that European carryall your girlfriend gave to you. These items can still be useful to the women at the Senior Center for Eastpointe. The Senior Center conducts a monthly purse swap for its members, many of whom have been using purses that are duct taped, pinned and falling apart. These women may not be able to get out to stores or don’t have the extra money to purchase a new purse.

Please bring your gently used purses to the February General Membership meeting. We will collect them and take care of getting them to the Eastpointe Senior Center. Contact project chair Julia Webber if you have any questions at community@rochesterareajaycees.org or 248-613-6875.


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