Technology/Web Committee Update

Dan Moellering, Management VP, 248-805-1326

We met on February 18 as a committee to discuss some of the technology concerns and ideas we have as a chapter. I wanted to share some of what we talked about and I would appreciate any thoughts you have on these matters.

1.  We’re looking into using either Google Voice or another online service (such as to manage our voice mail. We’d like to be able to have all our voice mail come to a centralized online location where multiple people can hear the messages. Also, we’d like to be able to forward the Jaycee hotline phone to a particular member’s phone during large projects.

2.  We’d like to better utilize our online photo album on Picasa by having all members contribute photos to it from various events and to link to the album on the newsletter and website.

3.  We need to update the content of our website so that it is more up-to-date, accessible, and approachable. We’d also like to update the look and graphics to be more seamless with the new newsletter format.

4.  We need to make a decision on how we want to utilize our existing Facebook group, including using it to promote events and linking to it from our website.

5.  We need a way to keep our multiple address books updated. We have various address books on our hotmail and evite accounts that need to be constantly updated. We’d like to have a standard operating procedure for adding new people to an address book and who is in charge of keeping everything up-to-date. We are considering having a centralized list in Excel that we keep updated and then people would use that information to create customized contact lists.

6.  We have new email addresses for our board members at and we have our existing hotmail forwarded to . We’d like to gradually migrate accounts (like evite) to our new email address and all future publications to use our new email address. We’d also like to migrate our existing google calendar to our new domain.

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