November 19, 2019 6:30 PM – Networking 7 PM – Training
Rochester University 800 W. Avon Rd. Rochester Hills, MI 48307

Modern leadership no longer requires a title. This is true across a broad spectrum that includes the corporate, nonprofit, and political sectors. Some of the most influential leaders within an organization may be the people sitting in the back row. Transformational leadership strives to empower individuals within an organization to find their inspiration and become leaders in their own right. In this training, participants will learn how to motivate members, create social change within an organization, and implement the tools necessary to develop followers into leaders. Learn how to maximize the potential of the individual to instill lasting sustainable impact, essential for success in today’s organizations

Participants will learn:
How to re-define what leadership means outside of traditional hierarchies and titles.
To tap into the motivation of members to inspire them to create the change they want to see.
Utilize influence tools to get the best performance out of your team.
Techniques to execute your organizational vision.
Strategies to manage one’s own behavior to affect the behavior of others..


About the Presenter:

Michelle McGrann is a seasoned trainer and coach, specializing in communications, messaging, and organizational management. With over a decade of experience in program and project management, Michelle has assisted both small businesses and large corporations with successful strategies to improve employee performance and expand their efficiencies. As a founding partner of Coeus Creative Group, she has helped to build a growing company with clients extending from coast-to-coast. Michelle shares this experience with many entrepreneurs through her speaking and training engagements. Michelle has also served as both a participant and a coach for competitive speech activities. As an NDT/CEDA policy debater for Wayne State University, she won multiple awards for both competitive success and speaking skills. She coached multiple high school state champion teams, as well as nationally competitive college teams. Michelle leverages this unique background to help her clients and audiences utilize persuasive messaging to achieve success, as well as build confidence in public speaking. Michelle has a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Communication Studies from Wayne State University.

Contact Michelle:
c: (734) 395-1836
LINKEDIN: michelle-mcgrann

Buying patterns, dealing with difficult people, customer service, leadership capability, sales – everything is based in behavior, which is why we practice behavioral intelligence. We define behavioral intelligence as the skills and abilities to accurately explain existing behaviors, predict future behaviors, influence other people’s behavior, and control our own self’s behavior. Taken together, Explain, Predict, Influence, and Control spells EPIC. Our clients secure monumental results through our creative marketing strategies for their brands and talent development solutions for their workforces. Coeus provides solutions to some of the world’s most challenging problems. We will exceed your expectations, we guarantee it.
The most successful people in the world rely on coaches and mentoring. Through our behavioral intelligence model, our coaches empower people – From executive management to entry level employees, we help people achieve their goals and address challenges. Our experience partnering with professional athletes, managers of Fortune 500 companies, congresspersons, non-profit executives, and people from all walks of life gives us unique insight, and we want to share this with you. Contact us at today and see how Coeus inspires our clients to progress to new heights.

“The trainings are interactive, entertaining, and participants walk away with helpful strategies and tools to use in both their personal and professional lives.”
-Megan Foresman, AmeriCorps MI