Calling all Candidates for the 2012-2013 Jaycee Year

By Paula Peters, Senator #57370

If you’ve been thinking about taking on a leadership role within the Rochester Area Jaycees, now’s the time to help steer our chapter for the 2012-2013 year.

During the October General Membership Meeting, the elections committee of Pam Bubnar, Doug Allen, and Paula Peters opened the floor for nominations to next year’s board.  Those who have been nominated will receive a call from one of us before our elections held at the November GMM.  So there’s still time to think about what you can do to support the board next year.

If you have questions about what it takes to be a member of the Board of Directors, feel free to call one of the Election Committee members or a current board member.  A potential officer’s training will also be held prior to the election.

Here’s who has been nominated thus far:


57th President Dan Mollering X
Treasurer Lindsey Lee X
Secretary Lindsey Lee X
Management VP Paul  Jackson X
Community VP Julia Webber X
Community VP Michael Webber X
Individual VP Maria Dominquez X
Individual VP Jocelyn Mollering X
Membership VP Julia Webber X
Membership VP Gary Coats X
Directors Dan Pas X
Kurt Welch X
Karen Geibel X
Chris Jowett X
Keith Lakatosh X
Michael Webber X
Jocelyn Molllering X
Krista Tocco X
Gary Coats X