Region F Penny Wars

Keith Lakatosh, President, 248-854-8446

Eric Rolfe from the Madison Heights Jaycees has offered a challenge to the Region F Jaycees. With the goal of raising funds for the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, starting now and continuing until the August convention (August 13th) we will be at WAR… PENNY WAR!  Here is how it works:

1. Eric will be collecting change at our monthly General Membership Meetings.

2. We increase our score based on the number of pennies we collect.

3. For “silver” change, we DO NOT gain points, but we get to reduce the score of another chapter in the region, They are: Farmington, Madison Heights, Port Huron, Royal Oak, Shores area, Warren, and Waterford.

4. Paper bills will be accepted, but will not count towards total points.

5. The chapter that has the highest score (or least lowest) at the end wins the war.

So what do we win?  Aside from bragging rights, Eric has offered the winning chapter the opportunity to exploit his knowledge and time for up to two projects for the chapter.  As you know this can be very helpful for us, considering the amount of manpower required for events like Haunted House and Christmas Shopping Tour.  Also, for every $100 collected over the initial goal of $300, Eric will provide $50 towards a celebratory membership social to the winner.  So empty out your sock drawers, search under the couch cushions, and empty out your cup holders in your cars.  Let’s show the region how good we are at raising funds for a good cause!

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